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We compiled a short list of  shoe care advice, compliments of  USA Shoe Co.

  1. To keep your shoes lasting longer, rotate your shoes with another pair.
  2. When you buy a new pair of dress shoes, protect them before you wear them. A thin layer of rubber is a key addition. A shoemaker can do this for you in minutes, and can match many different colors.
  3. Shoe trees are probably the most important thing that you could purchase to keep your shoes always looking their best.
  4. Keep your leather shoes conditioned, as the added moisture will keep the leather supple and prevent cracks.
  5. Many fashion shoes come with less-than-adequate cushioning on the area you need it most: right under the ball of your foot. Ample cushioning will help your feet stay comfortable all day. If your shoes don’t have enough cushioning, consider adding a thin orthopedic shoe insert.
  6. When you find a pair of shoes you love but are slightly too tight, have a shoemaker stretch the shoes to widen the toe box, enhancing the comfort of the shoe.
  7. Clean your shoes and re-sole your shoes. Most all shoes can be resoled from three to ten times.
  8. Never walk on high heeled shoes that have lost their heel caps. It’s shortens its lifespan and unbalances your gait.
  9. Use a Boot Jack to remove your cowboy boots. Properly-fitted cowboy boots can sometimes be a chore to get off. Boot jacks are designed to easily remove your boots without having to enlist a friend for help, or having to curl up on the floor to pull them off.
  10. Don’t use the heel of one boot to pry off the opposite boot. After continual attempts, you’ll start wearing and scratching the leather. Even the worst shoes that are worn badly may have a second life. If your not sure if your item is repairable just send us a picture  and we will respond promptly with a list of things that can be done to prolong the lifespan of your investment.

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