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Soling, Bracing, Taps

We bring deep, functional shoe repair expertise to our clients. From replacement soles and heels, braces and taps, or shoe and boot alterations: We have the know-how for all of your shoe-service needs.

We keep up to date with advancements in our industry materials and technologies. We guarantee the best quality products and services, at the lowest price.


The superior quality we offer on shoe repair we now offer on foam and leather character shoe fabrication. Our character shoe creation team is headed by our most experienced cobblers and work side by side with our alterations department to fabricate character costume footwear.

We also fabricate velcro straps, tie-downs, belts and other odd pieces you may need.


Our company provides paint and dye solutions that are both innovative and brave. We use the most advanced color coating techniques, paints, and dyes to ensure our final product is the absolute best. We do color mixing, color matching, glitter and pearlized top coats in all colors and hues. We offer unbeatable prices and turnaround times. Your customized footwear will look great for that special day!


We maintain and alter character costumes and outfits as well as fabricate support equipment made of leather and other durable materials. We have designed many solutions for our clients. Are your costume shoes not holding in place? Are you having trouble getting in and out of your shoes comfortably? Are your accessories holsters not holding in place? Our alteration experts work along side our fabrication team to find solutions to your most daunting garment and footwear challenges.

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