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Today’s society has developed the rather problematic norm of “out with the old, in with the new.” In some cases this isn’t inherently a bad thing, but it has stretched across nearly all areas of our consumer-based world and waste is at an all time high. There are ways to avoid this, though, and your footwear is a great place to start. Here are five types of shoes that can be rebuilt to keep money in your pocket and your waste at a minimum:

1. Formal Dress Shoes


Formal occasions call for formal attire, and that includes your footwear. Formal attire gets pricey, and nicer dress shoes are no exception. In fact, a classy pair of dress shoes or high heels is often one of the more expensive piece of one’s ensemble for occasions like these. As your shoes are subject to wear and tear over time, you may be inclined to go out and spend another hundred or so dollars on a new pair. Getting them restored, however, will give your shoes a like-new appearance and feel for much less expensive then forking out the big bucks for a new pair.

2. Athletic Footwear

Sports cleats may easily take the cake for the most abused type of footwear out there. They get dirty, scuffed up, kicked, torn, and anything in between on a daily basis during the season, and are often not cared for properly. A typical offseason ritual is to purchase a brand new, shiny pair of cleats for the upcoming season. Athletic footwear is more expensive now than ever, with some high quality cleats ringing in at over $200. When doing this year after year, the dollars add up and before you know it, you’ve invested almost a grand in athletic footwear alone (if you have multiple children, these numbers hike up even higher). By restoring your cleats in the offseason, you keep more money in your pocket and a greater peace of mind. And if you have multiple kid-athletes, hand-me-downs are transformed from lackluster to a highly anticipated, one of a kind legacy passed down from an older sibling. Plus, that pair of lucky cleats never has to be retired.

3. Entertainment and Performance Footwear


Buying footwear to cater to the custom needs of an entertainer can be both stressful and expensive. Critical pieces of entertainment footwear can break at any given time, so it is important to have a go-to expert that can repair your impaired ballet flat or taps at a moment’s notice while still not breaking the bank by buying a new pair every time something goes wrong.

4. Limited Edition Shoes


If collecting rare, limited edition shoes is one of your passions, you understand the desire to keep them in pristine condition. Whether you’ve been wearing them or not, shoes are still subject to wear and tear over time. Since this pair of shoes may be the only one of its kind that you’ll ever be able to buy, having an expert on hand to keep them in tip-top shape is essential.

5. Reinventing the Wheel?


Have a pair of shoes that you like, but have more potential than what they’re showing? A plain old pair of “lounging around the house” shoes can be brought to the next level by bringing your ideas (and boring shoes) to life. Whether you’re converting pairs of drab flats into elegant bridesmaid footwear or giving your old dress shoes the class they always wanted, a shoe repair expert can get you there.

Not to toot our own horn, but our team here at USA Shoe Company is full of experts in each type of shoe mentioned above (and more!), and we would love to help you bring life back to them. Upload a picture of your shoes with potential to our website or Facebook page and get a free quote today!


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