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We are the leaders of corporate entertainment shoe-service in America. We have the functional expertise, development, production capabilities, and customer service skills beyond anyone in our industry. We are craftsman... We are fixers... We are artisans...and we enjoy this type of work!

While other shoe companies mass-produce; We mass-repair! We stand behind our restorations and will do everything possible to please our clients.

We do hands on disassembly and rebuilding: it’s a craft. On a typical day, our clients needs vary from: resoling to re-stitching, dyeing, painting, alterations or any number of random customizations. At the end of the process, every item undergoes a formal quality control inspection before the job is complete.
Essentially, if it can be done to a shoe, costume, handbag, or garment, we will perform it!

The USA Shoe Company is the American made, get it rebuilt society. We offer Premium Shoe Service Solutions to everyone, no matter how big or small the job may be. Beyond that, we've developed a Philanthropic Division to donate shoes to the less fortunate members of our community. We are the home town company that supports non-profit initiatives like Soles4Souls.org!

Meet the creative team that help restore the magic to your time worn shoes!

  • Jose O. Henao


    Jose Orlando Henao is a true story American success story about a man who began a business fixing shoes out of his home garage. With the support of his extended family and decades of hard-work, his entrepreneurship has led to steady roads. Jose came to the US with nothing but a dream; today he lives it when he plays with his grandchildren, tends to his gardens and animals, watches soccer, and travels with his wife Patricia Henao.

  • Julian Felipe Henao


    Julian Felipe Henao has focused his career on emerging the family business into the premiere full-service shoe company it is today. He earned a B.Sc. Psychology from the University of Central Florida, where he graduated with honors. Today, he's a UCF MBA candidate that values application based curriculum. Away from work and academics, he loves to spend quality time with his wife and children. Julian is an "all sport" who enjoys boxing, basketball, yoga, jiu-jitsu, tennis, biking, hiking, and a health conscious lifestyle.

  • Lawrence Beardsley


    Lawrence is a very positive and creative person who loves a holistic lifestyle. He is a genuine lifelong learner and a person who cares for others as himself. He delivers customer service support and graphic design for print, web, and social media. Away from the office; film, music, art and photography are some of Lawrence’s favorite pastimes. Be sure to view some of his art work on his company website: LBArtworks.com .

  • Jason Osorio


    Jason Osorio is our Sales Manager who is responsible for reaching out and meeting new possible customers. With a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising and working on his Masters in Business Administration, he has the versatility to understand the customer and how we can strive to be better. He is a Marine Corps Veteran who did one tour in Afghanistan. Aside from his dedication to his country and to our team, he enjoys Brewing/Drinking beer, art, and volunteering.

  • Benjamin Sanchez


    Benjamin Sanchez sets a high bar for standards, inspection, and evaluation before any items are ready for shipment. Benjamin is a skilled coordinator that always finds ways to make things better. He monitors shipping & receiving and documents every piece that comes through the operation floor.

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- Julian Felipe Henao, President
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